My Journey to Healthy Lifestyle

I have started on this journey many times but 3 years ago I joined WW for the last time because I am now a lifetime member and have maintained my goal weight for 3 years. Although, WW encourages activity I just did not get as motivated to do activity as I have since finding Beachbody. Beachbody, mostly the Insanity product had me hooked. Initially it was my husband who said, lets order Insanity and I said okay, I will try it but not sure I can do all the moves you see on the infomercials. Shaun T however is amazing and very motivating. I found out that it was okay that I was not doing every single rep but just doing the best I could and with that in mind I was able to get through each workout and then improve week over week, day by day and finished the program. I have since moved onto Les Mills Pump. I needed to give the knees a break from the impact of Insanity but I do miss Shaun T. The Les Mills Pump workout is just what I needed at this time to add extra tone to my body and it gives me focus. My coach, Barbie Decker and the challenge group, Get Your Sexy On, has also motivated me to yet another level on my journey to stay fit and healthy. I have within the last week signed on as a Beachbody Coach. I am feeling a little scared or worried that I won't be as successful as I want to be, but I ground myself by knowing that I just want to help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle and find the Beachbody family as comforting as I have. I am looking forward to more on the journey and I have decided not to limit my dreams but to allow myself the freedom to dream big and succeed and to have the body I dream about and bring my friends and family along with me on this journey

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