Challenges at Holidays

Like most people I want to continue to see progress through the holidays and there is temptation everywhere. I am grateful for my training at both Beachbody and WW to help me think about creating my spaces. Space to consistenly workout and having my kitchen cleaned out of junk food which enables me to make healthy choices. Thinking about eathing something healthy before going to a holiday party or restaurant will definately help me make better choices. Starting with a salad or healthy appetizer to curb eating the entire meal. Stay away for foods that are fried, crispy or in a cream sauce will also help. Opt for choices like steamed or grilled. Don't be afraid to ask for special preparation, most restaurants are very accomodating. Most importantly, track your workouts, your food and jot down areas of trouble to help you avoid them in the future. I know I have to be more diligent myself and more aware of the decisions I make this time of year as mindless eating is easy to do with cookies and candies everywhere you look.

Happy Holidays everyone and Best Wishes for Healthy and Fit 2013!

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