21 Day Ultimate Reset

I went through the 21 Ultimate Reset. I had stopped drinking caffiene and sugary drinks many months ago so I did not experience some of the issues others post about at the beginning. The only draw back for me was taking all the supplements. I do not currently take any medication and I can now understand what someone must go through who is not in a healthy condition and must take meds daily.

I started the UR at 139.2 pounds and finished at 133.2 pounds. While I had not expected a large weight loss because I had been at my goal weight for almost 4 years it was nice to see the scale move. I lost 7.25 inches overall. The change that made me the happiest was the 1" loss in both thighs and lower stomach area, my trouble spots!

The food was amazaing and almost too much to eat on some days. I enjoy cooking so all the prep work did not bother me and I enjoyed the process. I had already adopted what I thought was healthy eating but the reset takes it to a whole other level. I had considered staying with the foods from the UR for the long haul but with my travel schedule it is a little tricky. I will continue to make as many good food choices as I can and try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. I would like to go with gluten free breads and pasta if I have to eat them as well, I don't like the bloated feeling I get when I eat regular breads and pastas.

I was happy that I could get back into doing my workouts but was thankful to have the time to allow my body to fully go through the UR experience. Be kind to yourself and to your body it needs to last you a long time, the sooner you start the better you will feel.

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