Staying The Course

I have officially completed the Ultimate Reset and have been doing Les Mills Combat and Les Mills pump with a little T25 thrown in the mix. I am drinking my Shakeology everyday and cannot imagine a day without it. Addicted maybe...but feeling great because of it, definately. I am able to manage my weight within 2 pounds of my goal weight of 138 pounds. I no longer count points from WW system but think more in the mentality of eating healthy and portion control. WW served me well over the last 4 years but Beachbody has taken my fitness and eating to a whole new level. I am so thankful and blessed to have found this opportunity and look forward to continuing with my success. As move through the ranks of coaching my focus is finding others I can help and pay my knowledge and passion forward. I hope that through all my post and blogging I can possibly inspire at least one person to start or stay the course with their fitness and healthy eating journey. Have a great day and push play!

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