Empty Nest Planning

My youngest son is a senior in college this year, I miss him being home. He is doing so well though and is only an hour and half away so I can make trips to visit or he comes home now and then on weekends. We text, talk and FaceTime periodically but I miss his hugs and presence here at home!

My oldest took off today to begin his new life journey! I am so very proud of him! He finished college and found a good job to begin his career. He is buying a house next week to turn into home with his fiancé. I know how happy they are and I am happy for them. I will miss him being here though. Coming home and chatting, nightly calls when he is on way home from work. Chatting about our days and talking about what is for dinner. He gives great hugs and I will miss that most! He will be 6 hours away and I am thankful he is not further away.

The old me would have grabbed a bag of chips and dove inside. I would have just found comfort in food. I do not plan to go there now. My hubby and I have a great relationship. I plan to turn this sadness or heavy heart around and enjoy this new phase in my life too. We have so many things we can do together... Prepare a healthy dinner after a workout together while sharing a glass of wine and talking over candle light. Riding the Harley on a long ride without hurrying home, packing a bag and making it a road trip!

I know I have been blessed with two wonderful children and husband that loves and supports me! Yes, after 26 years we still love each other and being together!

In conclusion, my goal is to help others find a healthy fit lifestyle and I believe emotional eating is such a big part of this equation. So I will challenge myself to rise above it all, embrace life and grab whoever wants to do the same and bring them along on this awesome journey we call life!

Do you need a success partner, life coach, motivator, support team and a place to go instead of crawling into a bag of chips? Reach out to me...I am here for you and look forward to helping you to reach your goals

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