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Most recently my oldest son married and we went for a week to the beach and I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted, although I tried to keep portions under control and continued with my Shakeology daily, I still gained 5 pounds in one week. This is a big eye opener about how quickly we can gain weight and we all know it doesn't come back off that quickly, although I am working hard this week to take off as much of that 5 pounds as I can.

How am I doing that? Measuring my food with the containers from the #21DayFix, drinking water, eating healthy options, avoiding sugar and carbs from breads and baked goods or any added sugars from processed foods. I started this process Monday and I am happy to say that on the 4th day of weighing in I am down 3.5 pounds with only 1.5 pounds to go and 3 more days to get it done, I feel confident. The goal just has to be stronger than the desire to cheat. I am not obsessed by the scale but I also know that I like how my clothes fit when I am around 138 pounds.

The reason for sharing this is to just let you know live happens, life it, enjoy it and then come back and get on track to stay at or get back to your ideal happy weight. If you need someone to help you get on track, get started or just to share your struggles and wins with, message me I love to help and to encourage others. Motivation is so important and being part of a challenge group is so helpful by being encouraged from others who are just like you and I.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that it helped you in some way. #monicajumperfitness

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