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love running/hosting a multitude of groups on Facebook to support my clients. I have some that just want to get the one on one accountability with a friend or buddy to keep them motivated and push each other daily with friendly challenges and task. While I have others that want to be a larger group for total support, motivation, tips and suggestions on helping them to push play through a 30-60-90 days program and Shakeology.

Neither group is better over the other as far as content and the goal is to get better ourselves and to continue on the healthier lifestyle journey. The part that I love is the different levels of interaction and how you can really get in there to support your clients needs. When signing up to help others, it is something you need to feel comfortable with, but you dont have to be an expert. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but fortunately we are given the tools and information that are required to support our clients with the latest and greatest information available to help them along.

My latest group did a 5 day clean challenge and we had one gal who lost 6 pounds and she said "this is the best thing I ever did and loved the support from this group to keep me motivated"! I have a challenge group and another client is doing Tai Cheng and has MS and was suffering from the mobility and stretching limits and has gotten great results, lost 2 inches and is repeating the program along with using the rumbler for additional relief. The stories and testionials of past and current clients are the things keep me motivated, because I know I am making a difference and even if someone doesn't follow me or I don't coach them or they completely go another route but I see they are going to a gym or eating healthy, I smile because I know in my heart they are getting started. It doesn't have to be with me and the amazing Beachbody Products, but just find what works for you.

If you find yourself needing someone to help you and not sure where to turn, look me up on facebook, instagram, twitter or pinterest... I am here to help everyone no matter how big or small the goal you just need to bring the desire and commitment and the rest we do togehter!

Love what you do and do what you love!! #lovemywork #helpingothers #creatinglastingfriendships #changinglives #shakeology #PiYoLiveCertified #coachhelp

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