Pecan Pie - Memories of Thanksgiving

I love this recipe and made this with my children for years. They are now all grown up but it still brings fond memories of their smiling faces. It is not the healthiest recipe but loved all the same. My oldest now ask for the recipe to share with his wife and her family and I feel blessed to be able to pass it on.

Pecan Tassies from Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cookbook goes to pie form with a twist!

Direction and Ingredients:

1 8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened -

1 c parkay margarine -

2 c flour - 2 eggs beaten -

1-1/2 c brown sugar -

2 tsp vanilla -

1-1/2 c chopped pecans.

Twist: add 1/2 c- 1 c shredded coconut

Combine crème cheese & margarine until well blended, add flour, mix well, to form ball and chill. This is where you can put into tarts or pie shell. For tarts roll into 48 balls for pie press into deep dish 9" pie pan.

Combine rest of ingredients & spoon into pie/tart shell, dont over fill! Bake at 325 degrees for 30 min the pie may take longer to bake and use tinfoil to cover outside eges of pie crust to prevent it from burning.

Please enjoy from my home to yours!

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