My Story Chapter 2

My Story, Chapter 2... I believe I left off with my folks separation/divorce but if not, it happened, and as hard or difficult as it was to believe that your dad no longer cared about us, life was less stressful, no more worries about fights, drunken promises or explosions. The full moon tonight reminds me of those times where panic set in because it seemed to make it worse, and he would be late, and then we knew, we packed bags, hid them and waited and when we could we leav...e, we would, and all the while I don't know how my mom could do it and we were too young to do anything but understand and not create more drama, driving in silence, arriving at relatives in the wee hours, and then returning 2 days later, to more empty promises. So, the split, we moved, new school, new friends, new life, and after being overweight for so long, I was scared, how could I make friends? Funny it was hard to leave old friends but not the words "beachball". Being short and round/overweight created that nickname and it was hurtful, embarrassing, but school was comfortable it was what I knew! Summertime, new house, development living was new as we use to live in the country, wow, this was different, we walked everywhere, my bro and me, we made friends, and before I knew it the weight came off, wow, new lease on life, I felt incredible, joined a summer softball league, great team, awesome memories. School started, I joined the volleyball team, great grades, new school, new rules, new clicks, mean girls that were hating new girls, but cool gals getting my back... This was the first time in a long time I liked me... the skinny me, the confident me!! What is even more amazing, I am still friends now with people from both schools, moving past all the drama. Sadly, though my Dad could have come to see us, he didn't, he called, he made excuses, he remarried, he divorced he moved on... It's 9th grade.. what could go wrong?? Relationships come and go, high school was amazing, working and having fun with friends, 4 years and graduation comes, my first time to fly, off to Florida to hang with my brother it was great 6 weeks of fun, sun, parties and then reality of coming home, getting a job, a desk job, guess what happened.... the weight started to come back... frown emoticon when will I learn? ‪#‎lifestory‬ ‪#‎howdidIgethere‬ ‪#‎lovemycoachlife‬ ‪#‎pastispast‬ ‪#‎forgiveness‬

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