New Traditions

Turkey Trot 2015

This year we decided at the last minute to participate in the local YMCA Turkey Trot. One because fitness has become part of our daily lives but more important was that the proceeds will help our local project share. Helping to feed others this time of year when they feel hopeless and down on thier luck is one easy way to incorporate both, fitness and caring for others.

I used to say the only reason I would run was because someone was chasing me to hurt me or because I was playing soccer, lol! We didn't plan ahead or do a couch to 5K to get ready as it was not important to win or place it was the family time and defining a new tradition.

New traditions, takes me to the next point as an empty nester, and having my children in different places means finding and accepting that life is going to change. For years you have the daily routine, the holiday routines and they are great but at some point we have to prepare for the idea that our children will grow up and find new traditions and may not be able to share with us in the way that we use to. It is important for me to remember, that although those memories and those times we spent over the last 20+ years were remarkable, that adapting to the change and the new memories we can create is just as amazing. I am proud of my two young men every single day at the accomplishments they make and realize that as adults, they too are ready to start new journeys and adventures and I would rather be a part of new tradition than to insist we do things the way we have always done them. Embrace the change and be part of thier future and every now and then the old traditions will take place if the timing is right and in the meantime smile and love the life you have and the life they have created for themselves.

Happy holidays and make 2015 your best year ever and maybe you too will find a new tradition to share! Stop by and visit me at for additional tips and help this holiday!

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