What is Coaching??

What is Coaching you might wonder and if you qualify along with what you need to do once you say "yes" to coaching! It might be easier to even say what it is not with regards to being an Independent Beachbody Coach.

When I was first ask if I wanted to be a coach, my answer was no, I am too busy to coach, I already have a full time job, I am a busy mom, wife and professional who travels all the time for work. Where would I fit in another "job"! That is where I was wrong, I was already fitting it in, I just didn't understand what coaching was all about.

I thought I had to be a nutritionist, a personal trainer and keep product in my house and most of all be a salesperson. The truth is I didn't have to be any of those things and really all I needed to do was simply share what I was already passionate about.

The training that we get and information that is provided is nothing short of amazing. The products speak for themselves because they do in fact work, it's proven over and over. The only missing piece to the puzzle is you! Consider you are already doing a workout like Insanity, 21 Day Fix or Cize and someone ask what you are doing and why you look so amazing... you can chose to say oh, I am doing a program from Beachbody, here is my Coaches information and pass them along to me, but really you could easily sign up as a coach, get a product discount and when your friends and family order, you get a commission, its that easy!

We share what we love every single day, from hair products, nail polish, new food at the store, favorite sneaker brand, new outfit, etc... and our circle of influence will listen and look at the items you recommended, and why, for the same reason you check it out, you trust them, it is working for them and it is something you wanted to do too but didn't know where to get it or how to get started. Maybe you didn't know which item to get to suit you or your needs? That is what we do as a coach, matching people to product based on their needs by recommending items we have available already in the website. They order and it ships to them, we handle no inventory, even better right???

Why I go the distance and coaching beyond the sale.... because I care, and want all my clients to succeed. Clients reach out and ask for help, motivation, support and guidance and I will continue to be there to help them on their journey. Nothing feels better than being told you made a difference in someone's life, that because of you, they are finally able to succeed and get results!

Finally, the products and coaching all have a guarantee and if you decide it is not for you, then you can walk away, but when it is working for you and your clients.. I promise walking away is the last thing on your mind. I am always looking for individuals who like me are busy, professionals, who want to improve their health and fitness and inspire others to do the same. If you believe that you have what it takes, lets's talk! I will send you an application to determine if you are truly a good fit for the team and from there we get started on the fast track to a new destiny. Getting fit both financially and physically. Contact me today, why wait?

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