Hammer & Chisel That Body

We have officially been doing the Hammer & Chisel program now for two weeks. If you have not lifted weights in conjunction with cardio in the past this will be a new experience for you but one that I believe you will definitely enjoy. It is a great mix up of heavy and light weights and very few intense cardio moves but guanteed heart rate and sweating dripping will happen if you push yourself to get through all the reps. Obviously as with any workout program there are moves at which you will find you are better at that others. I enjoy the balance routines and believe that past workouts and being an instructor for PiYo Live has been an added benefit for that as well.

If you had one body wish you could change what would you wish for? I have always wanted tighter abs and sculpted sexy sleek arms. The good news is that even after only two weeks I can see a difference and I look forward to seeing my results at the end of this program. It is a 60 day program and I believe I will be doing a minimum of two rounds. I see many folks posting slow progress on the scale but great progress with inches lost, which works for me as the scale is not indication of how my clothes fit and feel but the measurements are!

If I can encourage you step off and away from the scale for this one, please do so! So many times we judge only our success by the number on the scale and as mentioned in past post it is not your only guide. Track your nutrition, measure yourself, take pictures along the way and in the end you will see what you can't remember when looking at your before and after photo side by side. Give yourself the time it takes for your body to adjust! Quick fixes are not always the best way to get your goal and to stay there. You can have surgery, take weight loss pills and keep eating terribly and the things you wanted to lose will be coming back. Educate yourself on what you are putting in your mouth. After reading and learning about high fructose corn syrup I now read the lables before buying foods, if you have not had the chance to read about this ingredient please do a google search and remove it from your daily diet.

I will be posting back in here my before and after pictures at the end of this program and if in the meantime you want to hear more about the Hammer & Chisel or to see my daily post and videos stop by facebook.com/coachmonicajumper !

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