My Amazing Life

My Amazing Life.... it is so amazing for many reasons but today I give thanks to God for the beautiful amazing relationship that I have with my family and my husband. So many couples seem to fall out of love or make no effort to find love and joy in their marriage, for us, we continued to find things we like to do together so when the nest became empty we still had each other and the things we like to do together. We are each others biggest supporters, movitators and talk through issues. Are we the perfect couple, no ... but don't give up and we work through it.

In the last 3 years we discovered our passion together in fitness and I am forever thankful we can do this together. It is not just for us but we also work hard to motivate other people to get started on a healthier more fit version of themselves. We slip up and eat things we would not normally eat, it is the 85/15 rule, good 85 percent of the time and 15 percent where we might enjoy a glass of wine, cookies or a piece of cake. When we can push play and kill our workout together, pushing, motivating and sweating it is the best feeling ever. We are not able to push play together everyday as our schedules do not always line up but that is what we are working towards. Owning our business, we are working towards a future where we are only responsible to ourselves is the next step. I am so thankful for the business opportunity I said yes to just 3 short years and this same opportunity is available to you too!! Can you imagine hanging out with your best friend everyday, traveling when you want and not feeling stressed about where the money is coming from? It is entirely possible with a little hard work and the desire to improve all things in your life. Since I said yes and took a chance I have improved so many areas of my life and this is a feeling that is just worth sharing with others!

I don't know about you and what you are doing today and perhaps it is enough, but if you are curious, just a little curious how you can find freedom and own your business for as little as $140 to start, message me, ask me because I promise you this .... it wont always be easy but it will be worth it!

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