Whole 30

Starting the Whole 30 tomorrow and fortunate to be able to start it with a group of like minded people who want to just eat healthier and feel better from the inside out. I am not an expert but with years or experience of eating healthier and avoiding as much processed foods as possible I am up for the challenge.

I will go into this challenge with a one week at a time mentality. Sometimes we often focus on a big picture instead of breaking it in to manageable time, easy to think about and celebrate the smaller successes. It is no different than losing weight. We often say we want to lose the total amount and it seems like a goal that we will never reach, a giant mountain to climb. If we think about it in weekly goals, or percentages of weight loss or inches lost weekly or monthly the size of the end result does not seem so big and we can look back on those weeks that have passed by and see our progress, it is much more motivating than focusing on the big goal all at one time.

I am working more on forgetting the scale and focusing on how my clothes fit and the inches I have lost. I did however, join a dietbet challenge along with this Whole 30 challenge because I think one will motivate and encourage me to do the other to the best of my ability and in the end the best thing is that I will win. Winning to me is being healthy and comfortable when I look at my progress and that I able to accomplish one week at a time and celebrate that! If you are interested in being part of any of the challenges we have head over to the contact page and shoot me an email. All challenges are done on FB but if you want/need private motivation I am willing to help you with that as well. I am not perfect but I have the drive to be better, join us and help us stay motivated too!

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