Getting Country and Kicking Up Dust

Country Heat is so much and is the newest program to hit the market and if available now. Best part is that I am just having fun with the moves and loving the music that the workout is over well before I realized I just got a great workout! Do you have friends and you all love Country Music too? Great news!!! I have an online group where are accountable and motivate each other to push through our workouts everyday. Quite honestly, there are days when I just dont want to work out but the other folks in the group did there's and are waiting on me to say I did mine too!! Do you need that accountability in your life, I mean there is definitely proof that having someone to be accountable to makes all the difference in succeeding with your goals.

Oh and did I mention anyone can do this program, all fitness levels!!! Well now, I mentioned it and trust me there are easy modifications if needed but best of all you can just step it out if needed!! This is a group that does not judge and encourages and cheers each other on, regardless of our current physical level because we are pushing to be better everyday!

I have made a few videos because I want a chance to win $$$ just by posting on Instagram and Twitter! I know my work does not hand out these opportunities and just another reason to be an Independent Beachbody Coach!! If you love the workout your doing it is like anything else, you cannot wait to share it with your friends, family, coworkers, new acquaintances. If you don't love a workout chances are you wont stick to it! Oh did I mention this bonus 30 day return if you dont absolutely love it, but stick around cuz we got HealthBet on the horizon and you are going to want a piece of that! I will be sharing details with you too, but if you are curious message me!

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