Keep The Plates Spinning

Did you ever have a day, week or month where it just seems you are barely keeping up with all that needs to be done? Spin a plate here, run over here to spin one, go back and spin the first and now the 3rd one needs some spinning?

I feel like my July was like that and spilled into my August. It seems summer will be over before I know it ! I loved every single minutes of my summer time with family and friends, the travel to Cozumel and then getting drenched in the amazing quality time with my Beachbody family while in Nashville.

Before coming completely overwhelmed .... I think there are several ways to cope with all the spinning plates and thought it might actually help someone to know that even when life gets crazy it is okay to step aside and if a plate falls, ask for help from someone else to spin it for you for just a little awhile! That is what friends and family are for. There is no cape for acting like a super hero, but asking for help sometimes keeps up from going crazy and becoming moody or angry for no other reason, taking it out on those that we love.

I also think having a list of priorities, which plates need to spin first, second, third also is helpful because, even though you have 20 plates to spin, it might only be necessary to get 5 of them spinning today. Once they have spun and are completed, take it out of the rotation and start the next one. Of course, not all plates can be finished and are every day plates, but re-evaluate the priority of those plates on a daily or weekly basis.

Which plates mean you can accomplish your goals or meet deadlines that you committed too? If you are spinning a plate with absolutely no chance of helping you reach a goal, deadline or help you in anyway then toss the plate and grab one that helps you reach your goals, your why for doing all that you do !

Before you lifes spinning plates get you completely out of control, just step aside, readjust and enjoy the plates, because they should be representing where you are heading and reaching your goals. If you have tips to share or want advise on your spinning plates, lets chat !

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