Confidence rising 

I love having more confidence in my abilities each time I push play and begin my workout! I am my competition and getting better, stronger and seeing physical changes helps in building my confidence too! 

Being a Woman over 50 who is a professional that travels and has a family I find myself extremely busy but when I made the decision to make my health a priority it was one of the best decisions I ever made! Yes my days are hectic but finding 30-45 minutes a day is not hard, just give up one tv show !! 

My goal is to motivate and inspire other moms to find their inner confidence and to see how once you start there is no limit to your true potential !! What will you do this holiday season, inoray you give yourself the gift of time, love and health so you can continue to be a badass in all you do ever single day !!

Lets chat, lets plan, lets see your confidence soar <3

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