Hot Stuff

Sometimes you just need to find yourself with a warm nice cup of love, laugh and empower those that are in the same boat as you are.

In the last year or so my body has been playing games with hot flashes, you now when you least expect it and then you stand there roasting at 800 degrees, wondering when the next one will come or how long it is going to last and praying you dont have sweat marks on your clothes. Meanwhile you know your hair is wet at the back of your neck, a trickle runs down your back, the sweat bubbles on your face, you become flushed and just want to pass out when it finally subsides.

Have you experienced this fun yet? How do you handle it? How long have you been dealing with it? Have you talked with a doc? Will you use prescriptions drugs or perhaps find an all natural healing remedy?

I know it helps to talk about all things that women deal with on a daily basis with women who are in the same sweaty shoes, lol! I started a group on facebook as a place to share, vent, cry, laugh, empower and just share the the love and care with one another. Come on over and join us because you probably have some amazing advice, a story to share that is funny and uplifting, or just a great listener for someone who has been through the wringer today.

Follow the link here below to be added to the private group and be sure to share with those ladies in your life that need this too!

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