Self Doubt & Bouncing Back

I have been on my journey for years and most of that time I have been able to stay on track and keep myself motivated while helping others! Lately though I have been struggling at stay focused on my own nutrition! It was easy to go through the day doubting my ability to regain control. At the same time though it is super frustrating when I caved so easily and do often for junk or processed foods. This just creates a cycle of frustration that has me wondering does this coaching really matter does it really help and how on Gods green earth am I going to turn this train around?

I don't always ask for help and well to be honest almost never. I don't like to bother other people, I will just do it myself, it's a burden on others, if I can't do it for myself how can help someone else... this is the stuff circling in my head for the past few months, not a fun place to be! I had a chance to speak one in one with Sagi, the Body Beast and what he said stuck with me... it's selfish not to ask for help and to stop letting my ego get in the way! Wow right!!! But it is true and it's the reality check I needed!

You see I have this amazing tribe of women and an amazing family that are there for me but if I don't ask they are not going to know my struggles! So, I posted in my support challenge group for help with tears streaming down my face and realized just how amazing it feels to get the love and support just for asking! As you read this I encourage you to think of time that asking for help would have lightened your struggles!! Maybe you are in a place where you need someone to support you and to motivate you but taking that first step is overwhelming? I must say it felt like but as soon as I posted my struggles the love came pouring in ! This is my invitation to you to reach out because I want you to know how much having the group to support you can change your life!

I am back on track, focusing on my goals, staying in touch with my group, listening to personal development because to answer the question... YES this coaching thing really works!

Please listen to the YouTube video link attached and message me friend I am here to help! Let your ego go and take the first step!!

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