Fathers Day

I am beyond thankful to have a Step Father to call DAD, he has been there for me since I have been a senior in high school. He never had to step up to the job, my Mom had been both roles most of my life as my biological dad decided being a part of our lives was not something that was important to him. He was always to busy out partying and finding other families to be a part of! I dont tell you any of this for pity or sorrow but to let you know that with sadness or pain of realizing that you dont really matter to your parent, that there are good people in this world who gladly step up and take that role because they have a great heart. I use to think, because I am an optimist, that some day my bio dad would should up and want to hear about me, my husband, my children, but it was just one disappointment after another and I finally decided I didnt have to put up with that in my life. I have a great DAD in my life who would do anything for me or my family and has always treated us like we were important. He never looked at me and said "step daughter", which meant the world to me. I thank him for being that Man and for caring for my Mom through all she went through in her cancer treatments. Life is never easy but it is how you view that can sometimes make all the difference.

To my bio dad, I dont wish him harm for without him I would not be the person I am today or here at all. I wont forget the drama you created in our lives with your decisions but that no longer has a hold over my or my heart as I had forgiven you now. This forgiveness doesnt excuse your behavior but it is for me and my heart and my faith in God. I have no regrets, I reached out to you multiple times over the year but you continued to cherish drinking and others more than your own children, grandchildren and now there are great grandchildren that you dont even know about, but that is your issue, burden to carry.

In closing, if you find yourself depressed and sad over the actions of a missing or non caring parent, please feel free to reach out and above all I encourage you to forgive them as well for your own peace of mind and heart. Peace, love and light as you move through this world and I will keep you on my open prayer list <3

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