Pizza without guilt!!

I am always looking for suggestions to make a great meal without a lot of guilt and pizza is one of my favorite meals. The problem is always the crust to too much cheese or sauce with added sugar and when working on cutting back on my carbs I stumbled across Keto or Low Carb alternatives. Lots of research there and that is topic for entire book or blog post in itself!

chicken crust margarita pizza (keto/low carb)

Do you love pizza too? Have you tried other options like cauliflower or broccoli crust ? Basic instructions are the same but they just didn't seem to hold together as much as this new recipe made with canned chicken. Trust me you don't want just any canned chicken though. You will want to get top quality with a few ingredients as possible, healthier and organic if possible. Find a marinara that is also organic and no sugar added if you can find it.

Tip if you are making this in the summer be sure to have the A/C cranking the oven needs to be to 500 degrees to cook the crust quickly and effectively.

Prebaked crust

Prebaked crust prepared with:

1 - 10 oz. canned chicken (organic, very few ingredients), drained, baked for a few minutes in the oven to dry it out

1/4 cup parmesan cheese (grated)

1 egg

Blend egg and cheese, allow chicken to cool slightly and blend with egg & cheese mixture

Place on a baking sheet with parchment paper ( I sprayed it with non stick spray as well), spread out evenly and the thicker the crust the longer it will take to bake, the thinner the crust the crispier it will be! I put a lip around the edge of the crust to prevent any sauce or cheese running off.

Bake in 500 degree (preheated) oven for about 5-8 minutes or until slightly browned. Remove from oven and top as desired. I chose to make it a Margarita pizza so I added Marina (about 1/3 cup) no artificial ingredients or no sugar added organic is best (Aldi's brand worked amazing), plus I added fresh mozzarella sliced thin instead of shredded cheese that has fillers when it is grated in advance.

After it is baked I added freshly chopped basil and let me tell you this was the best part of the pizza, fresh chopped herbs are so flavorful!

slice, eat and enjoy!! Stop back and visit for future post and recipes ! Drop me a line if there is something specific you would like to know or see posted low carb eating :)

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