Low Carb & Healthy Fat can be so delicious

Have you ever had a craving for something that you didn't have the ingredients for or you want a healthier version? Yeah me too! 

Today it was a craving for Eggs Benedict but not a fan of the sauce nor did I want to poach my 🍳! Plus I love asparagus and mushrooms together so now my brain is clicking like hmmm I can do this!  Oh wait, I dont keep muffins in hand ... but I do have coconut paleo bread in the freezer! So I break off two slices, wrap in paper towel and defrost it. Then I cubed it and tossed into a pan with a tablespoon of delicious unsalted butter (not margarine) until toasted on both sides be careful not to burn the bread!!  Removed from skilled into my plate!

Next I grabbed 6 asparagus spears snapped the hard end of and chopped into bite sized pieces. Used a wet paper towel and cleaned off 5 baby portabello mushrooms and sliced them. Tossed both into a small skilled with evoo, sea salt and pepper and sautéed until desired doneness! 

In the pan where bread toasted I took 1/2 cup jumbo lump crab and 1/2 tbsp butter and dash of old bay seasoning. Keep on warm until you cook your 🍳 eggs and I did mine over medium where the yolk was not set but no runny whites either !! 

While this was cooking I took a perfect avocado 🥑 cut in 1/2 and  sliced thinly while in the skin sat aside! 

I then topped the bread cubes with asparagus and mushrooms and scatters the crab over the veggies and topped with eggs! A nice little sprinkle of your fav shredded cheese like parmigiana, sharp or Swiss 🧀! Slowly add pressure to the outside of the avocado and slices will come right out perfectly on your plate!! 

My total cooking time was about 10 minutes and it was absolutely delicious 😋 enjoy and give feedback on any changes or adjustments you made ❤️

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