Bullet Proof Life

I had heard so much about BPC (bullet proof coffee) and had to know what the heck is this that is creating such a buzz in all of the groups I belong to! I did my research, google of course, Pinterest for recipes, gathered testimonials and the information was staggering with positive results and big big thumbs up! So, with that amount of happiness, what is a girl to do but to try it herself.

Okay, sit tight but know this, I have not had coffee in years and the idea of drinking a cup scared me a little because I did not want to get hooked, again! It was the one last thing I gave up when I reached my desired weight... why was it so hard... it was the coffee creamer really, that french vanilla made me smile every single day, all day and when I realized it was the thing that was keeping me from shedding the last few pounds it was gone. I was not willing to drink black coffee, because it was not really the coffee for me it was just a carrier for the tons of creamer I used. Okay, so will this BPC get me hooked and off my game?? That was the real question and the only one who could answer that regardless of my research is me!

I can tell you the answer is I can drink one cup today and skip it for the next few days! It taste amazing but I believe the thing is for me is that I have some so far in my journey that breaking bad habits has become so much easier and it is a mindset! I love where I am how I have arrived to such a good place in my life and being on a cleanse for the last 13 days has also helped me to curb cravings too! Okay, so off topic, but have you ever done a cleanse? The results for me have been nothing short of amazing, clear head...inches lost... cravings for sugar gone....weight lost but an appreciation for how my relationship with food changes with this cleanse that I do, ask me about if you are reading this! Okay, back on track... I cannot have coffee on this cleanse though and I am okay with that but I did win BPC pods and cannot wait to try it out when I finish up next weekend from this cleanse!

So, while I finish up this cleanse and head into the next part of my journey through an 80 day obsession program, I just ordered their amazing BPC pumpkin spice bars and if you have not tried this product, I will tell you not only does it taste great, but it will definitely help with hunger during those tough workouts, this is not just a snack it is going to help you through tough times! I was thinking I might as well give you a little shortcut to try them out too so follow this link and then tell me if you love them as much as I do. https://www.bulletproof.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/254283/

Happy Holidays, stay safe and enjoy time with your family and friends and as always remember the true reason for the season is our Savior, Jesus Christ!

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