2B Mindset

I am so happy to be able to share this new program with my amazing clients. What sets this apart from all of the other programs that we offer? This program is set up teach and empower us to learn to have a healthier relationship with food! It is all about nutrition and how we see or feel about food.

Do you use food for comfort? To celebrate? To lose weight? To gain weight? Chances are you fit into at least one of these categories! Sadly, we've been given so many mixed signals about food, what to eat, to eat less calories, to skip or avoid certain food groups, etc... this has lead to searching for a quick fix, gimmicks, yo-yo dieting and in the end just plain confused! This new program is here to actually educate us on the various food groups, the reason foods work the way they do and how we can incorporate them into our daily life, leaving us satisfied and getting us our digestive track back on the right path! Once you begin to have a mindset about being in control and how food actually works in your favor, you will start to see the pounds drop off! Again, it is not an overnight success but something that you will be able to see results in the first week and then to be able to sustain over many years, no more craziness!

Example of healthy meals options

I myself have struggled most of my life using food for comfort, emotional eating both in happy times and sad times! I've been through many different workouts that each have their own nutrition program! Each one have the common thread of the healthier food options to not only fuel our bodies for the workouts but to help us reach or achieve the goals! Goals we set to not only lose weight but to tone up our bodies! Just know this new 2B Mindset is to get us feeling good about our nutrition before we begin any exercise programs! Keep in mind if you are already active and exercising this program can easily be incorporated into that daily regiment.

We will be adding people to our online success groups because we know how important it is to have a team of people to reach out that helps to motivate and support one another! We want to celebrate your successes with you and to share our success as well! We are here and ready dont wait any longer, contact me, click the link and be a part of the success today!! http://monicajumper.automaticceo.com/go33

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