Take a leap of Faith

Today’s good mood T-shirt is for me ...let’s just say I’ve always been an optimist.., and in the midst of the recent loss of my mom know that it shattered my heart and it’s a loss I cannot even describe and I know many of my friends have had this same loss. I bought this shirt at a biz conference the day before she passed away! I wore it today to remind me to just smile, what you don’t see is my ugly cry face when I allow the memories and sadness to roll from my 😢 eyes! I am not asking for sympathy just trying to be real and to say that our highlight reels are here to help people smile too and to see what’s possible trust me that ugly cry face is not something pretty at all! If you and I were doing a one on one call you mostly like will hear my voice catch because when I speak from the heart the tears flow out of passion! I live life full out and the testimony of that is taking this chance, leap of faith to trust in a company that provided me amazing results! I fell in love with it and a desire to share this passion with others! If I come across Obsessed I make no apologies... it is because I know what I have will change your life in a profound way and when you know you have the key 🔑 the gold nugget that so many desperately need .. you have to offer it to them... I was that girl living paycheck to paycheck.. working to make ends meet and find extra to keep my kids in sports and to not miss out... feeling frustrated at being 50 pounds overweight with no hope and hating the mirror with every ounce of my being, but I smiled ... then was sad in silence behind the dressing room door.. so I’m telling you my dear friend, I’ve been there and I refuse to go back no matter what life throws my way!! (( insert Roar )) I want to show you, lead you, help you today!! I already believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself !! Come take a look, ask questions, live and smile, then succeed!! Let’s talk now as tomorrow is not promised 😊😢😍 * * #mylifestory #optimistic #imalittlebitcountry #legacyoflove #lifelessonslearned #healthynotskinny #bizopportunity #takeachance 

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