Getting Certified to Mentor

eating healthier matters

I decided it was time to get my certification so that I could do more than just share my food pics!! We've added ladies to our group and have them do the self guided program option but they deserve more! The online program is amazing, the videos are very easy to watch and you get the details you need to be successful. However, there are times when you are just starting out that having someone mentor you that is completely certified and thoroughly understands the process can be a game changer!

It was almost 10 years ago now that I decided to be healthy and eat better to lose 50 pounds! I started out with just healthy eating options but was limited to just face to face meetings and measuring/counting food points. Although that was a process that helped me to get started and feel successful I was stuck to that meeting room. I was ready to spread my wings and help people no matter where they lived. I was boxed in with no flexibility and with my travel life it just was not going work for me anymore. That is when I entered the world of coaching online and in person to the local ladies.

I started doing a workout regime and included the nutrition plan that went with it !! Have you heard of Insanity? Yeah, we did that program as our first try at doing home fitness exercise. It was exhilarating and the changes were obvious. You dont lose 50 pounds and not have saggy body areas which were bothersome to me. I started building lean muscle and the inches were dropping and my clothes started to fit me even better. That is when I discovered the healthiest most delicious drink, yes in chocolate for breakfast. I was skeptical at first but I started to feel amazing inside and out and well, that has been my drink of choice, one a day for the last 5 years!!

Now, we've added the ability to teach the workouts in live format and I currently have certifications to teach both Country Heat Live and PiYo Live. We can talk more about them when you are ready of course! There will be an opportunity to join me from your laptop coming soon so stay tuned for that information!!

This however is a major game changer **** >>>> Mentoring Ladies <<<<<**** to lose weight!! I am so excited to go for this certification and I know that there are circumstances where exercising is not always something that is easy to incorporate for many reasons. People were feeling left out because they did not have a place to start, that wait is over!! This month I will be able to officially mentor you and the best part is you can join me now! I want you to be a part of this movement. No measuring, no points, no weighing, no food eliminations, just a girl and her tracker doing her best everyday at every eating opportunity to make the best choices possible!! Lose the guilt, Lose the WEIGHT!!

I want you feel how having the right mindset feels. How empowering it is to step on the scale without dread, without calling it names and feeling depressed because the number should not define you and who you are! You will see results, you will gain self-confidence and most of all you will show the scale that you are the boss of your life and you will start living this 2B mindset !! Come join me and the other ladies now, there is no reason to continue to put this off... your life can change today.... I look forward to working with you and reaching our goals together!! Lets start living!!

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