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Super excited to share about these awesome joggers! They arrived within just a few days and I took the time to wear them, move in them and just sit behind my desk!! Regardless of my actions the joggers were super comfy!

Extra length no worries

Yoga, stretching exercises and on the way to the store these joggers will be perfect!

Let me ask you this, how many times have ordered legging last or joggers and the material was too thin and felt cheap? I can assure you these joggers are the exact opposite! If you are person wearing joggers or exercise pants all day everyday then perhaps you should gives these a try!! I’m adding links below where you can check out those websites for BT *BornTough!!

Links are: https://www.borntough.com/ https://www.borntough.com/collections/workout-jogger-pants-leggings https://www.borntough.com/products/born-tough-contoured-ash-brown-crossfit-tracksuit-jogger-leggings-for-women https://www.elitesports.com

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