Stop Talking, Start Living.

Wishing my life was different was not getting me the results that I wanted. I had to start living and by being a part of Beachbody and following the programs and nutrition guides it is helping to change that.  I am a work in progress both physically and mentally. I strive to motivate and inspire others to find the courage to break the bad habits and live a healthier lifestyle. My husband and I enjoy working out together and having an accountability partner is awesome.  I drink Shakeology once a day and that is a true life changer, I no longer drink coffee any my IBS symptoms have disappeared. I don't crave sweets like I used too. I want to continue to start living!  I say it that way because everyday is a new day to get it right, to improve how hard I push in my workout and avoid temptations with unhealthy food choices. Living doesn't mean perfect, it means being the best version of yourself.


Helping others to start living was easy, we started a fit club in our local town, to encourage others to discover that working out is actually fun! Anyone can do it, pushing yourself to try and doing the best you can, because your only competition is yourself. I am blessed to be part of this Beachbody family and to be a part of the movement to simply End The Trend Obsetity in this country.


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