Why do people want Monica as their coach?

Why do I love Monica Jumper Fitness????  You can get an amazingly sw...eaty workout, win great prizes, participate in challenges or not, participate in clean eating or not...all in 2 days a week where there's accountability and/or coaching available. The workouts are just incredible where you can go at your pace and modify the workout when you need to and take a break when you need to. It's better than the judgment-free zone that they talk about at the gym! If you can't make it to Fit Club, do a workout in the privacy of your own home! What's not to love about Monica Jumper Fitness?!?!?


Christine B.

As Director of the Big Spring Senior Center I promote healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and exercise. And of course lots of FUN. In August 2016 I saw a post on Facebook inviting me to an exercise program with live exercises at our local firehouse (Friendship Hose Company - Newville). Since August I have lost 40 pounds and approximately 40 inches. I joined a 7 day Challenge that included healthy eating, exercising and posting my progress everyday to my coach. I am feeling awesome. I am energized and ready for the week ahead. It is so much fun to commit to a challenge with such a wonderful supportive group of people. I learned that I don't need wine to make me happy. LOL - I do hope to get a glass sometime this week just to sooth the taste buds but just a small glass. What I did differently was commit to a daily workout of 30 minutes or getting my 10,000 steps in (my Fitbit Charge 2). It feels so great and I much better. My husband has noticed with the weight loss that I have stopped snoring - another LOL. What have I released - The feeling that I am not alone in my goals to be healthy and conciencious of what I am eating. New Habits - That's a hard one for me since I have been on this program since August. I guess it would be drink drink drink, pee pee pee. Water is my best friend to a healthier me. You can do this with support and determination! Diabetes runs on my mother's side of the family and I am doing everything I possibly can not to be a statistic. My fasting blood test results are all in the normal range (haven't been that way for years) and my body bmi is too. Coach Monica has become a great friend. She is so caring and supportive and she makes the journey fun and exciting for all who will commit to a healthier lifestyle.  Cathy G.

I am a stubborn person & u kept on believing in me...even when I didn't. I can't thank you enough.



Have to give a huge shoutout to Monica Jumper for being such a good friend and coach. She talked me into doing Tai Cheng last year... then into doing 21-day Fix this year. 
I just went back and looked at the measurements that I took and I HAVE to share it with you. I added up all the numbers and I'm down 12.6 INCHES. If I *hadn't* ever started, I would be THAT much heavier... THAT much bigger... THAT much worse, health-wise. 
Thank you, Monica... Thanks for believing in me when I wasn't sure I could believe in myself. You ROCK!



Got on the scale this morning and realized that I had lost 9 pounds over this Ultimate Reset... I am blown away! I’ll have more details to share after I do measurements and photos, but this was an incredibly empowering program for me. Doing it over Thanksgiving might not have been the smartest timing, but I was mentally ready to do something as structured and specific as UR and (thankfully) never had any physical side effects like body aches, headaches, or huge mood swings. It was tough and challenging, but well-balanced and totally do-able!
Thank you all for being tolerant of my daily food posts... they helped me stay honest with the foods I ate each day because I wanted the photos to be “pretty”! Your words of encouragement were greatly appreciated and really made me feel supported throughout this journey. Huge props to Monica Jumper for being such a great coach and answering my random texts/PM’s... I would never have done this UR without your help, encouragement, and friendship!
If anyone is thinking about doing the Ultimate Reset, I would highly recommend it. Make a plan, stick to the program, and follow through... it’s absolutely one of the best things I could have done!  ❤ ❤ ❤ Alison A.